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Disism Performance Videos: 1986 & 1988

The Bible, The Bullet, & The Synesthesia (1990 Taped Rugs VHS Experiment)

Noises Of War (Herd Of The Ether Space Performance: March 1, 1991)

Circle Of One (A.D. Eker/Herd Of The Ether Space: May 21st, 1994)

Live At Rat Lab Studio (The Magic Potty Babies: 2001)

Panaramania (2002-2004 Experimental Video Collage)

Byting The Ram On The Big Digit (2005 Lo Fi Video Collage Experiment)

31 Days In July (Short Videos From Month-Long Art Project: July, 2005)

Dada For The 21st Century(Modern Dada Interpretations, Collage, 2006)

A Celebration Of International Dadaism (Performances By Various Artists: April 1st, 2006)

Taped Rugs 0606 Tour Video (Various Artists: June, 2006)

Hal McGee's 50th Birthday Extravaganza (Various Artists: January, 2008)

Hal McGee 50th Birthday Sonic Improvisation (H. McGee, M. McGee, A. Chadwick, C. Goff III, January 18th, 2008)

Hal McGee 50th Birthday Sonic Improvisation (H. McGee, P. Klampe, C. Goff III, January 19th, 2008)

Mikadams Performs At The Dot Dot Dot (October 18th, 2008)

Fertilizer That Sweetens The Soil (C. Goff III UNCOOKED: April, 2008)

Keep Our Home Front Strong (C. Goff III UNCOOKED: January, 2009)

Travel While You Sleep (C. Goff III UNCOOKED: January, 2009)

Bent Corners Of Taped Rugs (2006-2008 Eclectic Surreal Dadaist Video Collection)

SandusksceneS (2008 Artistic Adventurous Video Collection)

Plumb Bobs For Steel (C. Goff III UNCOOKED: August & October, 2009)

Don't Drag Cords Around Corners (2008-2010 High Density Video Explosion Collection)

Denver Noise Fest (Various Artists: April, May, 2010)

Chris Camacho's Taped Rugs Carpeteria (2010-2012 Taped Rugs Video Interpretations By Chris Camacho)

Psych Pshow (Surrealist Dadaesque And Popular(!)Goff Video Collection)

Kansas City Electro-Music Festival 2012 (Various Artists: July, 2012)

Live From The Taped Rugs Studio (C. Goff III LIVE: 2013)

Lacquered Intonations (Mind-Numbing Goff Video Collection, 2013- 2016)

Neroic Odyssey (Un-Natural History Expedition, 2018)

Crab 'Em By The Legs (Salvador Dada Shellfish Dispatching Lesson, 2019)

Climbit's Wonders In Adventureland (2019)

Sideshow Distraction (Goff Animations With Ether Space Soundtrack, 2020)

Spectra Of Locality (Local Color For Soothing & Grooving, 2021)

Sequence Of Non Sequitur (Goff's Dada Sketches Come To Life, 2023)

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