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Conjecture Clairvoyant (Goff/Paull, 2005)

Maestros Of The Magnetic Age (Phinney/Goff, 2005)

Opposite Of A Miracle (Goff/Silverman, 2005)

Nest (Matchett/Goff/Hill/Sielaff, 2006)

2006 Reasons To Collaborate (Goff/Various Artists, 2007)

Metamorfs (Barabino/Goff, 2007)

Gypsy Blood (Goff/Various Artists, 2008)

The Elements Of Stylus(Goff/Higgins, 2008)

Rawhide (River Cow Orchestra, 2008)

Bovinity Infinity(River Cow Orchestra, 2009)

Innerhalb (Goff/LaGrega, 2009)

Midiosyncrasy (Clinger/Goff, 2009)

Digital Interfacial Expressions (Goff/Various Artists, Various Dates)

Terrace Seventy Four (Goff/LaGrega/McGinty, 2010)

Musique Asphalt, Volume One (Goff/LaGrega, 2010)

Musique Asphalt, Volume Two (LaGrega/Goff, 2010)

Subcutaneous Volvulus (Goff/-ING/Matchett/Tapegerm Collective, 2010)

Pilgrims' Tracheae (Goff/LaGrega, 2010)

Raydio Bradcasts - Mrs Morris Goes To Mars (Goff/Tyme, 2011)

Records Music (Goff/LaGrega, 2011)

Live From The 2011 Kansas City Electro-Music Festival (Goff/LaGrega, 2011)

Resonant Tableaux (Balogh/Goff, 2011)

Reflected Imprecations (Big City Orchestra/Goff, 2012)

The Space-Erly Brothers (Litter/Goff, 2012)

Cut And Paste And Slash And Burn (Swami Loopynanda, 2013)

Basement Of Extra Power (LaGrega/McGinty/Goff, 2014)

Caricature Masquerade (Various Artists, 2014)

Nebula Of Irrationality Seems Eternal - The Goff Mix (Total E.T., 2014)

Organic Matter In The Midst Of Space (Goff/Lagrega, 2014)

Spots Of Spurious Rot (Basement Of Extra Power, 2014)

Lodovico Cement (Walls Of Genius/C. Goff III, 2015)

Sharpness Of Formulation (Michael LaGrega/C. Goff III, 2015)

Underview Of A Phenomenon (Michael LaGrega/C. Goff III, 2018)

Treadmilagros (Frank Audiffre, John Bennett, C. Goff III, 2019)

Flexibly Insulated (Michael LaGrega, C. Goff III, 2021)

Thermoplastic Fibers (Michael LaGrega, C. Goff III, 2021)

Salvator Salvandus (Radio End: Ed End, C. Goff III, 2021)

Indefinite Endeavor (Michael LaGrega, C. Goff III, 2022)

All Taped Out (Eric Matchett, C. Goff III, 2022)

Mucilage (LJDB, CRGIII, 2022)

Persiflage Among Vacuum Cleaners (Various Artists, 2023)

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