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Early Sonic Experiments (Various Artists, Various Dates)

Temporarily KY (Goff/Lyon/Schaer/Silverman, 1980)

Tapes 1970's/1980's: Treasures For Deep Divers (Various Artists, Released 2017)

Memoria (Schaer/Silverman Improvs 1981, 1998)

Floating Nude (Floating Nude, featuring Silverman, 1982 Studio Recordings)

Reflections On A Toaster (Kaswan/Various Artists, 1984)

Summit(Herd Of 360 Homogenized Dogs, 1997)

Cryptomnesia (Goff/Noring/McGee, 1997)

Uh Oh! Here She Comes! (mikadams, 1997)

Lobhia aur khumbi (Goff/McGee, 1998)

Music From The Film, "The Anthill" (mikadams, 1998)

Idle Tunes For Busy Hands (Gerbil Bliss, 1998)

Minimal Collection(Gerbil Bliss, 1999)

Milk Crate Madness (Gerbil Bliss, 1999)

Cleaning Up! (Various Artists, 1999)

Glue (Various Artists, 2000)

Of Rancor & Rhyme (Buzzsaw/Goff, 2001)

Fondling Giblets (Hart/Goff/Various Artists, 2001)

Sacralicious (The Magic Potty Babies, 2001)

Book Of All Things (Duringer/Goff, 2001)

Meshed Mixages (Goff/Hart/McGee, 2002)

Machinations (Goff/Various Artists, 2002)

I'd Shove Buzzy (Buzzsaw, 2002)

Verve Of The Void (Goff/McGee, 2003)

Puddle Town (Goff/Matchett/Sielaff, 2003)

Pepper Overboard (Goff/Adams, 2003)

Coo Sticky (Goff/Various Artists, 2003)

ReUpholstered Vinyl (Campau/Goff, 2004)

Ants In My Cabana (Goff/Sutter/Paull, 2004)

Composition 3, Volumes 1-2 (Various Artists, 2004)

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