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What Lies Behind The Eyes

C. Goff III says... "Anyone who has ventured into the Taped Rugs Universe has come in contact with my black and white collage graphics. I have been assembling these collages, which of late I have been calling: "Groffics," for many, many years, often incorporating them into Taped Rugs albums, videos, and literature. They help me focus my ill-equipped human mind as it struggles to comprehend the complexities of all the things it perceives and conceives. Sharing these assemblages provides observers with potential opportunities for entertainment, and possibly even a bit of exercise for their own mental muscles. Click the pics if you wish to view larger versions of any of these."

Attentive Pupils

The Lamp Is Optional

Fille A Mar A Lago

Genetic Engineering Lecture

Dark Star

Birds Of A Feather

Guided Assents Available

Casual Ruffles

Burdens Of Libra

Knuckle Under

Off The Table Discussion

Offertory In Xibalba

Personality Profile

Recapitulating Phylogeny

Triangulated Approach

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