Charles Rice Goff III
Audio Files

The Kansas City, Kansas, Period: 2018-Present

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What You Say Tells What You Are (2018)

Бог благословит Америку (2018)

Razzleberry Dressing (2018)

Unkempt Disclosures (2019)

Swinging From Loose Hinges
(an homage to the music of the Doors) (2019)

The Lore Of The Rugs
(a celebration of Taped Rugs' 40th Anniversary) (2020)

Tedious Turbulence(2021)

Monastic Calling(2021)

One Twenty Twenty One(2021)

Beatles Under The Rugs
(retrospective Beatles covers 1973-2020) (released 2022)

New Colors To The Dawn
(Holiday Single, 2022)

Heartbreaking Randomness Vinyl
Heartbreaking Randomness Download
(Vinyl Record/Download, from Herby Records, 2023)

(Audios From Eleven Goff Videos, 2023)

(Original Music Box Machinations, 2024)

(Neo-Classical MIDI Improv, 2024)

Language For Unstated Thoughts (2024)

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