Charles Rice Goff III
Audio And Video Files

The UNCOOKED Series:
Unembellished Recordings & Video Performances

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Hypothesis Ash Spot 2010

Curfew Shall Not Ring 2010

Plastic Types 2010

Genera Of Vectors 2010

Diagram Of Square 2010

Haruspex 2011

Riemannian Manifold 2011

Zygoma Diploma 2011

Unresolved Vertices 2012 (unearthed from 1990's cassettes)

Homage To The Residence 2012

The Great Woodbine 2012

Obscured By Dolls 2012

Amphibian Phashionettes 2012

Vicarious Maturation 2012

Eudaemonism 2012

Escape From Akimbo 2013 (unearthed from 2010)

Files For Smoother Louver Lovers 2013

Black And Decker Q Tips 2013

Self Oiling Relief Valve 2014

Spring Tiles Spring Smiles 2014

Recording Brainwaves 2014

The Parallel Choirs Of Hugh Everett III 2014

Rooster Swing A Hen 2014

Eliminating The Competition 2017

Metal Clad Static 2017

Twitters In The Lobby 2017

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