Charles Rice Goff III
Audio And Video Files

The UNCOOKED Series:
Unembellished Recordings & Video Performances

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The Girl With The Whooping Cough 2008

Wake Up America 2008

We Deliver Free Freely 2008

The Prince Of Magicians 2008

We Must Have Order! 2008

Bread And Sugar 2008

Journee De Paris 2008

The Golf Parade 2008

Somnolency 2008

Explosion Of Pedigreed Bunk 2008

Breezes To Breathe 2008

Spare Our Trees 2008

Made To Measure 2008

A Thrilling And True Representation 2008

The Power Of Your Inner Ear 2008

Fertilizer That Sweetens The Soil (Video) 2008

Keep Our Home Front Strong (Video) 2009

Travel While You Sleep (Video) 2009

Lead A Balanced Life 2009

Phosferine For Extra Vitality 2009

Plumb Bobs For Steel (Video) 2009

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