Charles Rice Goff III
Audio Files

The Kansas City, Kansas, Period: 2008-2017

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Diminutive Dispatches (2009)

Raritease (Various Out Takes, Compilation Bits, Etc.)

The Undrugging Of Tony Blackpasture (2010)

The Epidemiology Of The Denver Noise Fester (2010)

Creeping Eruption (2010)

Live From The 2010 Kansas City Electro-Music Festival (2010)

Carol Of The Bells (2010)

Since All Faces Are Not Alike (2011)

Shifted By Prevailing Whim (2011)

Weekend Mail (2012)

Acren Wacren Waney Vo (2012)

Electric LeLe Land (2013)

Imagination On Judgment Off (2013)

The Open Fist Of Fate (2013)

Bare Arms On Public Streets (2014)

1914-2014 Same Game New Targets (2014)

Have Shimmy Corrected Here (2014)

The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours (2014)

Coventry Carol (2014)

Adoramus Te (2016)

Genre Party (2016)

Degenerate Art (2017)

Tone Telegrams (2017)

Untopia (2017)

The Shepherds Of Entropy (2017)

Noel Porter's Holiday Collection, Volume 2 (2017)

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