Charles Rice Goff III
Audio Files

The East Bay Area Period: 1973-1995

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Tape Recording Experiments Of The 1970's

Might As Well Beyond Venus (1980)

Noel Porter's Holiday Collection (1983)

Doublespeak (1984)

Lights (audio drama with written short story) (1986)

Vaporbar Basesheet (1989)

Volatile Volitions (1990)

Vociferous Velvet (1991)

Piping In The Yule Tide (audio drama with written story) (1991)

33 & A Third(1992)

People Make The World Go Round (1992)

Laughing All The Way (1993)

Under The Influences, Volumes 1-3

Everything'z Okay (1995)

Knocking At My Consciousness Door (1995)

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