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The Hits Just Keep Comin'...
...Voice, Collage, Improv, Magic:
What You Say Tells What You Are

Fifth World Music With A New Beat...
LaGrega & Goff Find A New Direction
Underview Of A Phenomenon

Electronic Music = Free Speech
Music = Universal Language
Бог благословит Америку

2018 = 10 Years Of UNCOOKED Releases!
...and here's some bRaNd NeW oNeS...
The Idea Of Hell In The Bible
Welcome To Telepathy Towers
Droned And Confused
Recording Begets Anastasis

Some Stuff From 2017...

Aural Films Highlights Over 35 Years Of Goff Audio
Stream Free, Download, Or Get On 3 CDs
Charles Rice Goff III BIOGRAPHY

From The Turkey Makes Me Sleepy Frozen Embryos Series:
Qualm Before The Storm Hatched From Scratch

More From The Uncooked Improv Series
Eliminating The Competition
Metal Clad Static
Twitters In The Lobby
YAOW! From The Newest World Order:
Untopia Degenerate Art

Taped Rugs Digs Way Deep Into Its Archives
Tapes 1970's/1980's: Treasures For Deep Divers

Phil Spector Meets John Cage?
Goff III Will Challenge Your Sense Of Theme And Genre...
Tone Telegrams


Hatched From Scratch by Turkey Makes Me Sleepy
Tapes 1970's/1980's: Treasures For Deep Divers
The Nonfiction Of Glarmen Glamours by Goff III
Have Shimmy Corrected Here by Goff III Detailed J.Kranitz Review HERE
Bay Side Story by Disism Detailed J.Kranitz Review HERE
Reel Trills by Disism
Boney Baloney by Disism
Lodovico Cement by C. Goff III and Walls Of Genius Detailed J.Kranitz Review HERE
The Parallel Choirs Of Hugh Everett III by Goff III
1914-2014 Same Game New Targets by Goff III Detailed J.Kranitz Review HERE
Rooster Swing A Hen by Goff III
Bare Arms On Public Streets by Goff III

The Deprogramming Center Radio Show
Avant Garde And Unusual Music From Around The World
Via KOWS 107.3 FM In Sebastopol, California.
Midnight Friday Nights (12:00 AM Saturdays)
Hosted By Swami Loopynanda

The "LO FINEST" Net Radio Show
Was Dedicated To The Appreciation Of The Cassette Culture Of The Eighties, Nineties, and Beyond
Hosted From 2005- 2015 By C. Goff III, Courtesy of Aural Innovations
All 40 Installments Available For Free Streaming Or Download


Don Campau Interviews Charles Rice Goff III
In The Living Archive Of Underground Music

Jerry Kranitz/Aural Innovations 2003 Goff III Interview
Cassette Culture Recordings And More
Taped Rugs On The Cusp Of The 21st Century

Rinus van Alebeek POETICALLY Interviews Goff & Silverman
About The 1990 Herd Of The Ether Space Cassette
Beyond The Confessions Of Hiss For Staalplaat Part 1 Part 2

In Gajoob Magazine

Goff III Tells QRD Magazine (Silber Records)
About Playing Guitar With Arrowheads And Vibrators:
READ: The A-Z Of Goff III Guitar

True Age Media Documents The History Of The 1980's Underground Music Network
WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY: Grindstone Redux Video
READ THE BOOK: Grindstone Redux In Print

One Hour RADIO ON From BERLIN Special
DJ Don Campau Revisits Goff's Cassette Days
Goff III Cassette Days Radio Special

Barry Lee Interviews Goff On Kansas City Radio KKFI
August 10, 2017 -- Goff Tells Tales Of Rugs - Yesterday & Today

Narrative Aloud...
New Digitally Recorded Goff Reading From The Shepherds Of Entropy
The Shepherds Of Entropy

The Taped Rugs Productions Presents Podcast
Features Themes, Rarities, Experimental Titillations.
Press Play To Hear: Goodbye Seventeen
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To Explore More Episodes Of This Podcast Series
Listen to "Goodbye Seventeen" on Spreaker.

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